Dec 3, 2013

RCR Khomenko

I can't believe this has been neglected for almost two months! I think I got overwhelmed with everything and decided to just concentrate on work and learning Python for a while. My creativity needs some inspiration, though!

I've also spent the month on a Minimalism project: get rid of 1 thing on Day 1, 2 things, on Day 2, and son on for a whole month. I'm on like Day 23 right now and let's just say my wardrobe has downsized significantly. Not a bad thing at all, I just got rid of things I've been holding on to for now reason, things that don't fit me well, clothes that look a little too worn, etc. It's so scary, but it feels so good in the end! It's not just clothes, of course....magazines, chipped cups, containers, expired make-up. It's amazing how much useless shit we tend to hold on to for no ration reason. It's been a real cleanse, with the added side effect of lessing my anxiety about what to do with all my crap when I decide to move again. Also, it's made me realize how important it is to invest in things you really love instead of buying cheaper "equivalents" all the time and accumulating multiple inferior versions of what you really want.

Anyway, as a break from my hiatus, I'm bringing up a few picture from the latest collection by the Ukranian brand RCR Khomenko. Inspired by children and play, it really brings out the silliness and imagination that we forget we once had. Referencing popular childhood characters, but yet evading the nostalgia that such images often evoke, it's a neat way to remind us that sometimes we all need to act like kids again.

Oct 5, 2013

Dimepiece : streetwear for girls

Dimepiece: street wear for girls

Streetwear is usually an androgynous style, where trends start from guys and are then picked up by girls who want to look just as cool. Girly touches aren't seen too often, which makes one wonder whether it's a sign of total liberation from gender norms, or its just forcing girls to acknowledge that the male version is always better. It seemed inevitable that the gender divide would surface, and in recent years there's certainly been an effort by girls to differentiate themselves, making the style popular in the process.

 Dimepiece is an LA - based streetwear label that focuses on women, a guarantee that the clothes are created with girls, not guys, in mind. It's quite popular with the cool teenage crowd and the celebrities that they worship. While copying Miley Cyrus isn't really my thing, this is one brand that seems to hit that sweet point between affordability and unique style that can be sported by women well after they get their legal drinking license. It reminds me of some of Nasty Gal's stuff, but with less overly revealing clothes and more hardcore personality. 

I really want that "Oh shit!" suit above (perfect for the morning after brunch, no?), and those"Romeo" pants with a flare behind them. Just imagine how cool they would look on a windy day!! Much more preferable to worrying about your skirt billowing up Monroe-style.

Sep 26, 2013

Print you own dress: The Verlan Dress by Thingiverse

The consumer 3D printing revolution is closer than ever: the Buccaneer Kickstarter Project promises to deliver a mini printer to you for less than $400, while Thingiverse already has thousands of items with downloadable print files. Pretty soon the sky will be the limit with the amount of brightly colored plastic goodness we'll be creating in our dens instead of watching reruns of the Kardashians. I've been looking at how this applies to clothes, and was fascinated by the first 3D printed dress that was debuted by Dita Von Teese:

While the dress looks beautiful on her, the model was tailored to fit her body and it features 13,000 Swarovski crystals, so unlikely to be a part of our free-time experiments anytime soon. However, Francis Bitoni, the designer behind the first 3D dress, decided to then assemble a group of Pratt students to design another dress and print it on a MakerBot. The idea was to reference the human skeleton and inner workings of the body, and the dress model they created certainly reflects the complicated intricacies of the human body. The complete version takes 400 hours to print, and consists of 59 pieces that need to be assembled together to from the final product.

A lot of commenters seem to think that it is ugly and grotesque but I happen to really like the architectural nature of it. And if you have the means to really push the boundaries of fashion, using plastic and AutoCad instead of fabric and sewing machines, why not do it? Women certainly aren't dressing the same way they did a century ago, and we're unlikely to be wearing something even remotely similar in 2100. There's already models out there for a wide variety of accessories: Nerd GlassesWings for your shoes Pirate Earrings, and High Heels. 3D printed anything will probably become much more prominent in the next decade and those of us that can embrace it will be ahead of the curve. 

Sep 18, 2013

Ovate Resurgam F/W 2013

Living in Austin, it's rare to see someone sporting an all-black ensemble unless you step into a goth club, where the black lovers congregate to gabble about their hatred of brightly clad commoners milling about. Summer necessitates clothing that doesn't attract the sun, and possibly even makes you look like a tropical flower. Everyone I talk to believes that folks in New York never step out of their black clothes, a stereotype that is far from the truth. However, I do miss seeing the elegant, mysterious silhouettes clad in well-made black garments that are not covered in spikes or accompanied by three dozen tattoos. Black is the ultimate color of sophisticated - simple, elegant, and hard to pull off well. 

Enter Ovate, a Canadian brand that decided to make their latest collection, Resurgam, entirely black. And they did it marvelously - the silhouettes are slim and elegant, and the addition of shaggy black fur is just pure genius.  The sheer black dress is perfect cocktail attire,  while the fur-trimmed cape and bag are the perfect standout everyday winter accessory. Judging from the names of the pieces, Iceland was a major inspiration for this collection, but I prefer to think that there were multiple episodes of Game of Thrones watched during its inception, for how can you now see John Snow's furry cape reflected throughout?

Sep 16, 2013

Ballet Cats

I recently read a joke about how the Internet consists of 30% porn, 30% cats and 40% everything else. It's probably not far off from the truth: cats can become celebrities overnight for simply having the right grumpy face, while people will spend their nights on Reddit looking at Imgr posts of everyone else's cats. It's not surprise that the Feline obsession has made its way into fashion: from the Marc Jacobs cat flat, cats have made it to the runwalks, Urban Outfitters, Romwe, and every other fashion outlet you can imagine. We're only a step away from reaching he dedication of Egyptians to their cat pals, and mummifying them as if they were gods them in order to bring our companions to everlasting peace with us. 

The Ballet Cats is a very small online destination that will satisfy the cat lover in all of us. I can't tell whether they are just really, really into cats or, like me, think that this whole cat obsession is getting ridiculous, but I do love the ironic undertone of their collection. It's quite affordable as well, with sweatshirts under $50 and flat-rate shipping to the US at $10. 

My favorite, however, is not cat related: the pillow at the bottom is called "Oh fuck, you just crushed the entire Liliput village", and, true to its title, depicts a scene of slaughtered Liliputians. I'm not usually one for gruesome, but this is just too awesome to pass by. My couch needs one, now.

Sep 13, 2013

DIY Floral Crown and White Lace Dress

Wearing this outfit to channel a Swedish midsummer night's wedding.

It's funny how floral headbands are on every other girls at music festivals and then never worn on the streets. I always get a lot of comments when I wear this one, and last time I went out to brunch got slightly freaked out because one of the waitresses came up to me and almost hugged me like I was her best friend or something and started telling me how she recognizes me because I aways come in wearing these crazy flower headpieces (disclaimer: this is the only one I own and I had only worn it to that particular place twice). Guess I'm the crazy flower girl now.

Also, I would advice everyone against buying those shows on Sole Society because their sizes are messed up and they charge a $15 restocking fee to return them. Since they only cost me $25 to begin with, I decided to just occasionally put up with wearing something a size to big, but would not make the same mistake again if I had a choice.

Flower Headpiece: DIY
White Lace Dress: Zara
Nude Heels: Sole Society

Sep 9, 2013

A trip to Yellowstone Park

A couple weeks ago, I got to go check out Yellowstone Park for a few days along with my family.  I wasn't really expecting much, since I prefer cities to the great outdoors, but this one felt like a trip to Mars during many points, and as such could be classified as an exciting trip, despite the dearth of art or good food. The park is mostly famous for having the highest concentration of geothermal formations in the world, all in crazy colors, emitting different sounds, of all shapes and sizes. While it is quite dangerous to touch or go near one of them, just looking at them is an experience in itself. It is amazing that the park hasn't succumbed to the tourist trap and is still in mostly the same condition it was hundreds of years ago, save some campsites, a few lodges, and lots of boardwalk. 

My father evidently had a goal of seeing all 10,000 geysers/hot springs/steam vents while we were there, and while we didn't get to all of them, we did see at least a couple thousand. This left me with lots and lots of photo-taking opportunities, so I'm sharing a few: