Sep 18, 2013

Ovate Resurgam F/W 2013

Living in Austin, it's rare to see someone sporting an all-black ensemble unless you step into a goth club, where the black lovers congregate to gabble about their hatred of brightly clad commoners milling about. Summer necessitates clothing that doesn't attract the sun, and possibly even makes you look like a tropical flower. Everyone I talk to believes that folks in New York never step out of their black clothes, a stereotype that is far from the truth. However, I do miss seeing the elegant, mysterious silhouettes clad in well-made black garments that are not covered in spikes or accompanied by three dozen tattoos. Black is the ultimate color of sophisticated - simple, elegant, and hard to pull off well. 

Enter Ovate, a Canadian brand that decided to make their latest collection, Resurgam, entirely black. And they did it marvelously - the silhouettes are slim and elegant, and the addition of shaggy black fur is just pure genius.  The sheer black dress is perfect cocktail attire,  while the fur-trimmed cape and bag are the perfect standout everyday winter accessory. Judging from the names of the pieces, Iceland was a major inspiration for this collection, but I prefer to think that there were multiple episodes of Game of Thrones watched during its inception, for how can you now see John Snow's furry cape reflected throughout?


  1. Haha, that's so cool referring it to the Game of Thrones! It's definitely something "the Black Sisters" would wear. :)

    Beauty from the Fjord x

  2. I am LOVING these styles! I think fur is awesome. Mixed with leather it's even more fabulous.

  3. I love the mystery and elegance of all black, something so powerful about it.

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  5. Love the all black! That sheer dress is gorgeous!


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  7. I love it because of the Game of Thrones reference. I would love to look chic dressed like Jon Snow!

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  8. The color and the the fur really make me pay attention. Thx for them all :)xo

  9. Oh you had me at "John Snow"! Are you a fan of Games of Throne?
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    1. Yup, just finished watching all the episodes and can't wit for the new ones!

  10. ou look amazing! That first picture is stunning.

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  12. Love these inspiring outfits!

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  13. Another magnificent post! Great read! And I love to come back!

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  14. I love it - it's all very Rick Owens. Here in NZ we wear A LOT of black, in fact some of our most established designers; Zambesi, Nom D rarely divirge from black. I love the drapery in these looks.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  15. I love to wear black when I have a formal occasion to go to, or even just for everyday events. I wouldn't be able to go without it! Ovates new collection looks stunning. Your remark about GoT is genius by the way, haha.

  16. Black is always nice, elegant and minimalistic! I love the coat on the third picture!

  17. I love black... great inspiration!!!!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous, these outfits and pieces are all amazing!


  19. Jajaja, I like the inspiration!!! Great!


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  21. Amazing! Very inspiring I love this post!

  22. I also am a lover of black clothing. Now that I am in Chicago I fit in a little better. Umm and the fact that you used Jon Snow in this post basically means we need to be best friends... Love Game of Thrones books and TV show!